The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club (FARC) http://fallbrookarc.org/ is a good source of information in the event of an emergency, such as fire, earthquake, even road information.When you smell smoke, hear multiple sirens, or an unusual traffic jam, monitor 146.175 or 445.600 on any police scanner (available at Radio Shack or various electronics stores).FARC, members monitor local emergency frequencies on their scanners and report or comment over the air on the previously mentioned frequencies.There is a link within the FARC website to find other local emergency frequencies that you may find interesting to monitor on a scanner, should anybody purchase one.During an actual emergency, such as the Rice Fire, the FARC sets up and handles communications at the Roy Noon Hall, 231 E. Hawthorne St. in Fallbrook. This is the command center for the Fallbrook Fire Dept. FARC has radios set up in a small room within the building, connected to antennas outside on a small tower. During an actual emergency, such as the fires, Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico, electric power may become interrupted, cell phone reception or land line telephones may become intermittent at best. Amateur radio operators set up battery or generator powered stations, and pass information to emergency services as well as other operators across the nation or throughout the community.The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club also provides their services during the Avocado Festival, Fallbrook Christmas Parade, and the Avenue of the Oaks bike ride. FARC also patrols the Rainbow area and De Luz Canyon area during Red Fag conditions for Cal Fire. You may see them during the 4th of July each year driving up and down Rainbow Heights Rd, Rainbow Crest, Rice Canyon as well as De Luz Canyon and Sandia Creek to the county line. If you purchase a police scanner and would like help programming one, I can assist or there are mentors at our club meeting (open to the public) at the Roy Noon Hall on the first Saturday of the month, that can assist. Hayden PerrineKG6YVD728-1511

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