‘Healthcare district issues thumbs down on Liberty Quarry project’

GREAT letter from Bobbe Wilder about recent decision by Fallbrook Healthcare Board!!

Re ‘Healthcare district issues thumbs down on Liberty Quarry project’

 [Letter, Village News, 10/28/10]

I read that the Fallbrook Healthcare District voted unanimously to send a letter to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors in opposition to Granite Construction’s proposed Liberty Quarry project.
I want to applaud and commend the district for its intelligent and wise decision because people’s health far outweighs the profits a mega corporation will make out of a giant mining operation. We cannot allow this potentially hazardous pit mine to be permitted, because the sad fact is we will only know the truly adverse affects on our health and communities after the mine is built.
At present, there is no aggregate shortage in Riverside County, and Granite already has another quarry, Rosemary’s Mountain nine miles south of Temecula in San Diego County. Granite []wants us to believe that the demand for aggregate will be so great that Liberty Quarry must be built. Ridiculous! Existing quarries can be re-permitted way into the future.
Granite has chosen the worst possible location for their pit mine. It will sit in the mountains surrounded by Fallbrook, Rainbow and Temecula, and right next to SDSU’s critically important reserve and field station.
Oh, they’ll try and keep the crystalline silica dust down (by law) but if they are fined for pollution, so what to them, they can pay those fines or buy clean credits from other companies that are not polluting.
Thank you again for your firm and important stance. You saw right through Granite’s PR machine and came to the right decision.

Barbara Wilder



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UPDATE: 10/12/2010 "WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE (proposed) Liberty quarry project?"

In September, 2010, the City of Temecula was successful in annexing 4500 acres of land which primarily includes the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve owned by SDSU. This excludes the proposed quarry site.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report ( DEIR ) was returned to the Riverside County Planning group (from Granite Construction’s Consultants who answered more than 12,000 comments) several months ago for review. It IS possible that the DEIR could be returned to these consultants for clarification, or that the DEIR could be recirculated.

Once the Planning Department has “certified” the DEIR, it becomes an “Environmental Impact Report’ ( EIR ) . It will, then, be given to the Riverside Planning Commission to review. They will, then, call a public meeting to hear questions and comments.

The Planning Commission will send the EIR to the Riverside County Supervisors, with a recommendation, to review. When they are ready, they will call for a Public meeting to hear comments and questions. This meeting is where the Supervisors will vote on the Liberty quarry project.

This is the meeting where people need to show up by the thousands….this meeting will decide the “fate” of all the surrounding cities and communities.