This Week at Rainbow Church - 7/3/11

Hi Rainbow Church Family, (Church family Directory attached. Please send Pastor Craig any updated info or photos)
Pastor's Sermon, How to Get Married (Gen. 24
Lord's Supper this Sunday. 
Church service begins at 10am.Worship Leading: Dan Sweeney
Offertory Worship: Whitney
Offertory Prayer: Al Walker (Ushers: Antonia/Nina)
SoundBoard, Powerpt: Andy, David
Toddler (ages 1-3) Anndrea, songs, Bible story, crafts, games
Movers & Shakers (ages 4-6) Angie and Sarah (Bible, Crafts)  
Kingdom Kids (ages 7-10): Whitney (Lesson 22)
Juice (ages 10+) Rob (Lesson 9)

Fellowship Lunch--Hamburgers and hot dogs, 4th of July food
Men's Football after church 

Rainbow BOAT TRIP, Sept 16-18 (See Michele Johnson for details, gardenofroses4@verizon.net) 

WOMEN'S SUMMER BIBLE STUDY, Beth Moore's INHERITANCE.  Our Spiritual Inheritance in Jesus Christ.  Thursdays at church, 9:30am to 11:30am, starts June 9.  See Beth Sousa for details. 

TEEN Bible Study. On summer break in July.  (See Pastor Dale for info, dalekohler11@gmail.com)

RAINBOW SURF CAMP, Saturday July 16.  Kids and Adults, want to learn to surf?  Our first-ever surf camp, and family beach day. We'll have instructors to help you learn to surf.  Fun, Free, Family Church day.

MEN'S Bible Study, ON SUMMER BREAK IN JULY. at Church Tuesday nights 6pm to 8pm (see Pastor Dale for info, dalekohler11@gmail.com)
Our 2011 Church Prayer focus: Blessed are the Peacemakers 
Jn 13:34 Jesus said: A new command I give you: Love one another
Have a wonderful day, Pastor Craig


Californian  June 23, 2011

HUNNEMAN: A proud day for Temecula


At a meeting Wednesday, I had to resist the urge to jump on my chair and exult at the top of my lungs: "Ich bin ein Temeculan."

For hour after hour that day, experts hired by the city of Temecula ---- along with others from San Diego State University and the Pechanga tribe ---- took turns blasting holes in the 6,800-page environmental impact report prepared by Granite Construction, which wants to dig a giant quarry just south of the city.
This was the third, and probably next-to-last, meeting of the Riverside County Planning Commission on the proposed Liberty Quarry. The meetings, held at Rancho Community Church in Temecula, have drawn large crowds, with most attendees opposed to the project.
On Wednesday, an audience of around 500 heard experts use words and phrases such as deception, misrepresentation, manipulating, insulting, purposely dishonest, patently untrue, illogical and intellectual garbage to describe many of the findings in the report, which was paid for by Granite and signed off on by the county's planning staff.
"Facts," President John Adams once said, "are stubborn things."
So stubborn, in fact, that several experts testified that when facts were presented to the report's preparers that didn't support Granite's desired conclusions, they simply left them out.
"A textbook case for how not to do (an environmental impact report)," said attorney Courtney Coyle, who represented the Pechanga tribe.
The speakers ---- economists, traffic engineers, air-quality experts, geologists ---- all had impeccable credentials.
Each received a rousing ovation after speaking, which I'm guessing doesn't happen much in the world of geology and economics.
Many shook their heads at the flawed science Granite used to try to convince the commission that blowing a large hole in an environmentally sensitive area ---- land sacred to the Pechanga and located next to a world-class environmental research center ---- that would spew dust and other pollutants into the 40-mph winds that blow each afternoon from the Pacific, making Temecula's Wine Country possible, and into the lungs of several hundred thousand people for as long as 75 years ---- was a dandy idea.
Six years ago, I predicted Granite would not build Liberty Quarry in San Diego County ---- where, by their own admission, 70 percent of the mine's aggregate would be needed ---- because the people and politicians there would not allow it.
"So let's creep just over the line into Riverside County, (Granite) must figure, where the bumpkins and the meth users won't mind," I wrote in August 2005.
That's exactly what Granite has tried to do.
On Wednesday, thanks to the city of Temecula, SDSU and the Pechanga, Granite was shown that truth trumps all the propaganda and publicity money can buy.
Contact columnist John Hunneman at jhunneman@californian.com.


Proposed Railway

This was clipped from the No Cty Times on Sunday……..
Dennis A. Sanford

While engineers and planners have been laying out the possible routes the train might travel and answering questions from residents, these sessions — and one more on June 30 — could be the last appreciable work for at least a year on this section of the railway.
The budget before the Legislature has eliminated all funding for the Los Angeles-to-San Diego section for next year.
An analysis of the governor’s budget received by the San Diego County Association of Governments from staff on Friday says: “Without funding, there is a possibility that all preliminary engineering and environmental work and public outreach activities under way on the San Diego to Los Angeles section would cease on July 1.”
So, after the last of Southern California workshops, the High Speed Rail Authority could find itself with volumes of community input and nowhere to go with it.
“Our thought is to keep moving forward, with or without the funding,” said the agency’s deputy executive director for communications, policy and public outreach Jeffrey Baker, “and be ready, once the funding is available again.”
The fate of the project has almost always been in doubt even as it has moved forward amid criticism over cost, management, choice of routes and, simply, whether it’s a good idea.
Work will continue unabated on the $40 billion primary segment of the high-speed rail, between San Francisco and Los Angeles, said Baker.
The current workshops — on the 170-mile corridor from Los Angeles to Ontario, Murrieta and San Diego — are still timely, according to Baker, simply because there has been a lack of detailed information on the preferred Southern California route.
“Being in such an early stage means having a lot of unanswered questions,” said Baker. “A lot of people believe they are personally affected. People want to know how loud the trains will be, whether a sound barrier will be needed.”
At this point, only 5 to 10 percent of the engineering work is done, said Baker. “There are lots of details not yet known.” Engineers and planners will be at each workshop with detailed maps of the proposed corridor and answers to many questions raised by the public.
To come up with a route between Los Angeles and San Diego, the rail authority reviewed 800 miles of possible paths. There are still sections with more than one possible route that must be winnowed down in the future.
That includes San Diego County where the rail authority is looking at two possible routes, both ending on the north side of the San Diego International Airport.
From Los Angeles, the tracks would head east to Riverside County, to either Ontario Airport or farther east to San Bernardino. The line drops south to a station in Murrieta. From the San Diego County line south, the tracks would run alongside Interstate 15, past a transit station in Escondido, to Mira Mesa.
From there, two possible routes emerge, both ending at the airport:
1.       The tracks veer west above Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, tunneling under University City to the intersection of State Highway 52 and Interstate 5, where the tracks would then parallel the existing rail used by Amtrak and the Coaster.
2.      The tracks would continue down Interstate 15 to State Route 163, turning west in Mission Valley beside Interstate 8 before connecting to the rail corridor near Old Town.
Depending on funding, the rail authority could pick its preferred route through San Diego County anywhere from a year to four years from now.
As it stands, the route between San Francisco and Los Angeles is expected to be up in running by 2016. Los Angeles to San Diego could open by 2019.

Proposed Power Plant


I have been alerted of a proposed power plant that may be located on a parcel of land located in the area of Rainbow Valley Blvd and Old 395.  It would be developed by the same firm that built the power plant on Rte 76 near Pala.  The parcel involved is, for the most part, properly zoned for commercial development.  The plant would be a gas fired plant and would be very similar to the Pala power plant.  

The question that will ultimately be facing the group is “should we support or oppose”.

After much discussion with various members of the community and some Planning Group Members, I would say, with mixed thoughts that we should support the development of the proposed power plant if it comes before the group.

The reasons are:

The parcel will definitely be developed at some future point and it would be best to have a positive influence on the type of development.  If the County should approve the power plant over our objections the RCPG would be in an adversarial position and it would be difficult to encourage or influence the design, orientation, etc. 

Given that development in some form will eventually happen, we should, I think, attempt to extract something for the community in exchange for our support…i.e. a new Grange Hall, a multipurpose room for the school, improvements for the Volunteer Fire Dept or some other benefit that can be enjoyed by the Rainbow Community.  We should also attempt to influence the visual design of the plant to create a more visually appealing entry into Rainbow from the Temecula/Old 395 direction. 

Also, construction of the plant could benefit the Rainbow Municipal Water District in that water could be sold to the plant and recycled for irrigation purposes thus potentially reducing water rates.

I have asked Jim Anderson to introduce this item for discussion but it will have to be placed on a future agenda if we are going to take a position for or against.

Give me a call if you have any questions.

Dennis A. Sanford



Third Riverside Planning Commissioner's Meeting Wednesday, June 22 at 9:00 am @ same location.

I hope you will be able to make this meeting coming up; whether you
plan to stay all day or just  for an hour or so, try and come by to make
your presence known.
There is no agenda yet...(that we have seen).  We know that the
opposition speakers (that's us!) that still have speaker slips in will go first.
We believe you can also sign up to speak.
If you are planning to come for the entire day and don't care about speaking,
let me know if you would be willing to give your 2 minutes to someone else.
There are lots of people who need extra time.
Thanks and see you next week is possible.




Fallbrook Village News    June 9, 2011  Issue 23

Fallbrook Community Planning Group formally asks Riverside County Planning Department to reject adoption of a Statement of Overriding Considerations

FALLBROOK - On May 16, the Fallbrook Community Planning Group and Fallbrook Design Review Board formally asked the Riverside County Planning Department to reject adoption of a Statement of Overriding Consideration for the Liberty Quarry project in the Rainbow area. In a letter sent to David L. Jones, the Fallbrook group cited numerous reasons for their opposition to the proposed project.
The letter, provided to the Village News by FCPG Chairman Jim Russell, reads as follows:
"The Fallbrook Planning Group was authorized to review the Liberty Quarry Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in 2006. We commented on that report with a letter on September 2, 2009. Recently the County of Riverside published their responses to the comments received on the Draft EIR. The Fallbrook Planning Group reviewed these responses as well as the comments submitted to the County of Riverside by other groups and individuals and the County's responses to their comments as well. This letter is the result of the May 16th meeting of the Fallbrook Planning Group when all the responses and comments related to the Draft EIR were discussed.
"The following motion was passed: "The Fallbrook Planning Group joins with the City of Temecula, the Rainbow Planning Group, Friends of Santa Margarita River, Endangered Habitats League and the Nature Conservancy in opposing this project on the grounds of the negative aesthetics of the project on the surrounding communities and the project's risks to public health and safety."
"Some of the major points felt to still be outstanding in light of the responses are:
1) The most impressive list of comments was provided by the City of Temecula. They not only had applied professionals within their agency focus on the report in their fields of expertise, but also had private sector professionals respond to the report as well. While lengthy responses were provided, there appears to be a clear difference of view on the completeness of the report and its ability to withstand professional scrutiny. The Fallbrook Planning Group agrees with the City of Temecula in requesting that the reports in the EIR be modified and re-circulated prior to presenting it to the Riverside Board of Supervisors.
2) The Group felt that the response to our concern about the sound studies not addressing the effects on animals was not adequate. Noise generated in rock mining is created by multifaceted processes in the production of various types of construction materials required for residential and commercial purposes. These components consist of blasting, crushing, filtering, and hauling of the finished product to the final destination. Blasting, although often considered as a major noise component of the rock mining operation contributes a small amount of noise do to the "bored hole" blasting techniques universally applied in rock mining. The major components of non indigenous noise are generated by sustained operations to reduce large rock components to usable portions of rock and the hauling of the finished material to the construction site. This "crushing" and "hauling" operation generates "noise" components far above the human audible spectrum but not that of the indigenous wildlife in the surrounding area. Since the noise sensors were located only on I-15 and the conclusion only states that the noise level increase is not significant relative to I-15 traffic, how is that relevant to the rest of the surrounding area and the wildlife that resides there? Since the wildlife audible spectrum is higher in frequency than the human spectrum, and since wildlife does not usually reside next to I-15, we continue to maintain that the "noise" studies are flawed and do not truly represent the impact on the wildlife indigenous to the area. Without additional noise studies with wide frequency spectrum capability, it is not possible to conclude that "the noise impact is not significant."
3) The importance of the wildlife corridor which provides a linkage between the Palomar Mountain Range and the Santa Ana Mountains has not been sufficiently addressed. This corridor is essential to the future of the Mountain Lion, top of the Ecosystem. Since the Liberty Quarry project extends beyond the Special Linkage Area designated in the Riverside County MSHCP, its operations will inhibit the free movement of wildlife. San Diego County has designed their Habitat Conservation Plan to provide connectivity to the Riverside County plan for this necessary linkage, and we urge Riverside County to do the same. The limited mitigation measures listed in the FEIR cannot adequately or reliably provide safe passage for these large predators.
As a more adequate mitigation measure, Liberty Quarry should support and promote the "Potential Bridge" indicated in the DEIR. This could be funded, as suggested by the Liberty Quarry representative at public meetings, by a per-truck fee which would provide funding for the bridge while partnering with Environmental Agencies.
4) In the comments from the County of San Diego Department of Planning and Land Use, the requirements of the I-15 Corridor Design Guidelines are mentioned. The response to this comment was to outline the project answer to the guidelines. But we maintain that the proposed cuts and fills for the access road to the project will exceed the slope grading and the ridgeline grading limits contained in the I-15 Corridor Design Guidelines. These guidelines will not be met as long as the access road climbs the steep slope adjacent to the weigh station.
5) The biggest problems, however, continue to be the overall Air Quality, Biological Resource, Traffic/Transportation and Utility impacts of this project. The Draft EIR admits that these are significant and unavoidable impacts that cannot be mitigated. The response simply concludes that a statement of overriding concern must be adopted by the Riverside Board of Supervisors. The Fallbrook Planning Group, after reviewing all of the comments and responses on these topics, can find no clear evidence that warrants a statement of overriding concern (required by CEQA). Such a statement essentially requires that the aesthetics of the surrounding communities and the public health and safety of the residents be compromised in order to permit a project like this in this location.
"The Fallbrook Community Planning Group, with sincere thought and consideration of the many issues involved and the serious potential impacts for the residents of northern San Diego County, urges the County of Riverside to reject the adoption of a Statement of Overriding Consideration for this project."




Hello Neighbors:  My mom is moving to Oregon in a couple of weeks and she bought this treadmill less than a year ago, used it rarely.  When it was moved from one room to the other, something happened (maybe just wire or something came loose) that stopped the belt from moving.  If you are handy/electrical, etc. and want to go see it/take it/fix it/sell it/keep it/donate it, etc., please email email me (Jonnie) and I will give you her contact information.



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Communion Sunday

Pastor's Sermon, How to Live with Your Frenemy (Gen. 21)
Lord's Supper this Sunday.
Church service begins at 10am.
Worship Leading: Annie
Offertory Worship: Pat Ready
Offertory Prayer: Al Walker (Ushers: Antonia/Elyse)
SoundBoard, Powerpt: Justin Taylor, Lily
Toddler (ages 1-3) Anndrea, songs, Bible story, crafts, games
Movers & Shakers (ages 4-6) Emma S and Philly (Lesson 4)
Kingdom Kids (ages 7-10): Carol (Lesson 20)
Juice (ages 10+) Curtis and Cherrie (Lesson 6)
Fellowship Lunch--Sandwiches

BAPTISM CLASS MEETING, June 5, THIS Sunday after church, with Pastor Craig. If you desire to be baptized on June 19, please be at June 5 meeting. Baptism is commanded by Jesus and is the practice of the NT church.
Ac 16:31 They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved...then immediately he and all his family were baptized.

Church service on Father's Day, June 19, at Ohlson's home (no church at our building that Sunday).

WOMEN'S SUMMER BIBLE STUDY, Beth Moore's INHERITANCE. Our Spiritual Inheritance in Jesus Christ. Thursdays at church, 9:30am to 11:30am, starts June 9. See Beth Sousa for details.

TEEN Bible Study. Pastor Craig will lead TONIGHT and next on Preparing for College and Managing Your Money (from Dave Ramsey) meets Thursdays, 6-9pm (See Pastor Dale for info, dalekohler11@gmail.com)

RAINBOW SURF CAMP, Saturday July 16. Kids and Adults, want to learn to surf? Our first-ever surf camp, and family beach day. We'll have instructors to help you learn to surf. Fun, Free, Family Church day.

IBCD CONFERENCE: june 23-25. Scholarships available. Please see Steve Kettering for more details. Conference Theme: Families Shaped by Grace. http://www.ibcd.org/summer-institute/overview

CHURCH SERVICE DAY June 20-23. 14 members of the Johnson family are serving as our core in this church service 3 days. We will serve our widows in yardwork and house repairs, clean our church property, dig irrigation, plant the Palm trees, etc. If you can help in one or all of those days, please join. This will serve as volunteer hours for students. Please see Pastor Dale for details.

MEN'S Bible Study, Doctrines of our Faith. Tuesdays, at Church Tuesday nights 6pm to 8pm (see Pastor Dale for info, dkohlerent@sbcglobal.net)

Our 2011 Church Prayer focus: Blessed are the Peacemakers

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