Six in Rainbow to be fined, and may face charges, relating to cock-fighting encampment; birds to be euthanized

Sunday, February 20th, 2011
Issue 07, Volume 15.
RAINBOW (Wire Service) - Six people were fined in connection with a cock fight encampment found in the Rainbow area today, according to the sheriff's department.
More than 200 birds were housed at the encampment on Rainbow Glen Road, just west of Interstate 15 in Rainbow, said Lt. Jim Walker of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.
Most of the birds that were found were too aggressive to be placed in homes, so the birds will be euthanized, San Diego Animal Control Lt. Harold Holmes told CBS 8.
Holmes said boxes of knives or "slashers" that are attached to the talons of sparring birds were also found on the property.
Six people were fined in connection with the cock fight encampment, and some may face charges, according to the sheriff's department. 


Sierra Club thrives in southwest Riverside County

12:32 AM PST on Sunday, February 20, 2011
Special to The Press-Enterprise
There was a time here when a gathering of the Sierra Club might have been met with protests.

Now more than 50 environmentalists can meet in peace and quiet at a popular local restaurant and be considered practically mainstream.

At a recent gathering, they ranged from retirees to moms holding newborns. All showed up for a fundraiser for the local group, started about two years ago by Jim Mitchell and others.

He estimates there are 400 to 500 Sierra Club members in southwest Riverside County. What's happened since the late 1980s is nothing short of remarkable. When the area started to grow big time, there was a new shopping center going up in Temecula almost every week. The Sierra Club, or tree huggers as critics called them, weren't part of a dialogue with local officials at the time. The chant was just grow, grow, grow!

Arguably the most significant local environmental achievement -- expansion of the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve instead of thousands of houses in the space in the 1990s -- was achieved because activists from Los Angeles helped lead the charge. Had it been left to locals, who knows how many people, not animals, would live there now?

Laurie Webster, who has lived here since 1993, recalls there wasn't much of a local environmental movement then. She says it evolved, with issues such as building homes on the hills west of Temecula, plus plans for massive power lines in Temecula Valley Wine Country, drawing people to the issues.

Webster, who even has a daughter named Sierra, helps coordinate group activities, including outings to Balboa Park in San Diego. She says the idea is to show that urban areas can still have environmental refuges. We all know we're headed toward being an urban area, yet we can still have nature breaks, thanks to groups like the Sierra Club.

Of course the group promotes the natural resources we already have, such as tours to the plateau. Upcoming local trips also include the Tenaja Falls west of Murrieta and Bear Canyon west of Lake Elsinore. Check them out on the group web site, sierraclubsmg.org They sound like a great way to see local attractions.

Then there are the monthly meetings on Thursday nights at the Rancho California Water District in Temecula. The group met last week to discuss the Wine Country community plan.

Another main focus continues to be the proposed Liberty Quarry in the hills south of Temecula. The planned 414-acre open mine pit is touted as an economic asset by the developer but slammed as an environmental disaster by Sierra Club types.

Mitchell, the group's chair, says local members include small business people and Republicans, proof that the Sierra Club can flourish even in a place as conservative as southwest Riverside County. With the environmental battles still to be fought locally, the more diverse voices the better.

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Hi Rainbow Church Family, (photos: Baby Dedication last Sunday) 

Pastor's Sermon, Lot: Worldly Saints (Gen 13)
Testimony by one of our Chinese GLO students this Sunday. 
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If you are interested in GREAT physical fitness...AND helping a NEEDY CAUSE...Master Dan of Martial Art Concepts, 326 Brandon  Rd. Fallbrook, CA  is offering a ONE MONTH FAMILY MEMBERSHIP for a $25.00 (OR MORE)  DONATION to the cause of "HELPING HAILEY", a Fallbrook child who suffers from "Epidermolysis bullosa".  The children are often referred to as "Butterfly Children" because their skin is as sensitive as a butterfly's wings.  You can make the donation and give the "Martial Arts Gift Card" to someone else as a gift as well.
A fundraising event is scheduled for: Saturday, March 12, 2011 from10am-2pm at the studio on Brandon. We will have live music provided by Hot Rod Demink, lunch, raffles, silent auction, etc. CaliforniaBBQsmokers will be cooking up pulled pork for sandwiches with smoked beans and some other items. 

You can go to the studio and donate directly there and speak with Dan himself about the Gift card offer.

You can go to www.finnamex.com and click Donate to contribute through PayPal.

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Martti Silvola


It has been over twenty years since the County of San Diego conducted a selection process of various locations to prepare for what was believed to be a trash issue by siting a new dump.
The Gregory Canyon site was reviewed and soundly rejected by the County for multiple reasons.  Not wanting to accept the flaws of the site, the proponents, Gregory Canyon Ltd. circumvented the county's process and used a countywide ballot initiative to authorize a landfill on the site.  The initiative passed.
Last year, RiverWatch and the Pala Band of Mission Indians were successful in court and the original Solid Waste Permit was declared null and void.
The San Diego County's Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) has determined a new permit application was complete and will conduct a public information meeting on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. at the Fallbrook Public Library 124 S.Mission Road, Fallbrook
RiverWatch along with other opponents of the dump have grave concerns about the potential for toxic pollutants leaking into the San Luis Rey River.  The San Luis Rey River and its aquifer are an important drinking water source serving thousands of residents and businesses throughout the county.
Threats to air quality, serious impacts to federally listed endangered species, massive traffic impacts to Highway 76 coupled with threats of landslides, spills from trucks, and contaminated storm runoff clearly led to a NO Permit position.
San Diego County does not need this landfill.  Waste diversion and recycling are at an all time high, and disposal rates have decreased dramatically in recent years.
It is important that you join us in telling the San Diego Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency to deny the Solid Waste Facility Permit.  Please join with us by attending the meeting on the 23rd. and speak up.  The LEA must take action on this application no later than April 1, 2011  Written comments will be accepted at the hearing and can be mailed as well.
For more detailed information, please check the Dept. of Environmental Health website at:
Please attend this important hearing and help save our precious water and the San Luis Rey watershed.
Thank you for your continued support.
P.O.Box 582
Fallbrook, CA 92088


Here is a brief non politically correct but factual background:  In 2008 due to the infinite wisdom of California voters in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas who felt the state has lots of money to spend, they approved funding for a high speed rail from San Diego to Sacramento/San Francisco.  All counties outside those two areas including San Diego county voted no.
Then the environmentalists, who block all wind generation on the coast because it is not pretty, said the environmentally friendly high speed train must not travel through our backyards along the coast, they must travel inland where the hicks live.  So the San Diego to LA route goes up I-15 which is much longer distance and has major hills versus the flat coast.  So Rainbow gets a train running through it.
The intial route put a tunnel right through the valley, but they semi took the Rainbow Planning Groups input and moved it closer to the freeway.  But they figured out they can't tunnel in the valley area and have moved to train to above ground.  And they moved the route not as close as we asked, and homes will be lost and people get a train in their backyard if the current route stays.  This meeting next month is part of the public comment period required by law as the route becomes finalized.  Here is the link to their website:
Here is the link to the section that impacts Rainbow:



Hi Rainbow Church Family, (photo: Feed America, a food ministry uses our church to feed 150+ people for free first Tuesday of each month. The director told me: Thank you Pastor Craig for letting us use your church. We asked many churches in the area but you were the only one who said Yes.)

Pastor's Sermon, Abraham: Father of Faith Flops (Gen 12:10-20)
(During Prayer and Praise, I look forward to reports on how you "built your altar" or were a peacemaker this week)
BABY DEDICATION this Sunday (Bella Dickinson, Shoshanna Bower, Evelyn Boren, Poston girls)
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SNACKS this Sunday.

WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY starts Thursday mornings at Church, 9:30am to 11. Fellowship breakfast starts at 8:30am. Studying Experiencing God, facilitated by Barbara Philips and Elisa. Please contact Elisa Taylor ASAP so that she can order books (hosannacandle@mac.com).
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Our 2011 Church Prayer focus: Blessed are the Peacemakers
Ps 133:1 How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!... For there the LORD bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.
Have a wonderful day, Pastor Craig