Owl Barn Goes Up, Owl Moves In

In January and February of 2012 I read up on barn owls as a way of controlling squirrel populations and decided to build a barn owl box to attract barn owls to our property. Following suggested designs on the Internet, I built a barn owl box and hung it from a eucalyptus tree branch about three feet below the branch so that the box is about twenty feet in above the ground and about 175 feet south of our house. I put a night vision IP video camera inside the box and strung an overhead cable between the box and the second floor deck of our house to power the camera and convey the Internet signal from the owl box to the house, making the camera part of our private LAN.
For several weeks with the camera turned on 24/7, I checked frequently for occupancy, with no luck. Then about a week ago I powered off the camera on the theory that the camera lights, including in particular the red lights which are essential to night vision, were a turn off to owls with their own excellent night vision.
About 10:00 AM this morning, I powered up the camera, took the attached picture of our new occupant, and promptly powered off the camera again so as not to scare away our new occupant, who was moving around as I took the picture.
I intend to briefly turn the camera on every few weeks to take additional peeks. 

3/28 - update -I now have the camera on 24/7. The light does not seem to bother the owls.


Temecula Valley Strawberry Farms

 We are Temecula Valley Strawberry Farms; a family owned and operated farm! Our berries our grown in a unique and inventive Hydroponic system.  We have been a part of the Temecula Valley for several years. You may recognize us from our strawberry stands around the area.  

     Our unique style of farming has many benefits. The picture on the right shows our Hydroponic style of farming. One of the benefits to this style of growing strawberries is our ability to create a U-pick where you and your family can get the freshest, sweetest berries around, as well as a first hand experience of what it is that we do. Our fun and interactive farm is a great place for the whole family. Whether you come to pick some fruit, learn more about farming, have a picnic or grab a few strawberry goodies at our strawberry stand store, we promise that you won't be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you at Temecula Valley Strawberry Farms! 


Pala Raceway Summary of Actions

Tom Casey and Eli Vedagiri met with Chuck Perrault (new owner of Pala Raceway) and Pala Tribe Representatives Shasta Goughen and Frank Spurgeon on Friday, April 9th to discuss what steps would be taken to mitigate the noise nuisance created by Pala Raceway. 

The following is a summary of actions to be taken and the timeline agreed upon in the meeting:
1.      The Pala Environmental Department will be enforcing the 96 decibel limit on all vehicles operating at the Pala Raceway.
2.      Noise monitoring equipment will be installed to detect vehicles that are operating over the 96 decibel limit.
3.      Suggested equipment includes self-contained monitors that can be positioned in various places around the raceway, and that are equipped with an electronic system that notifies both the rider and the raceway staff if a vehicle is in violation. Riders will be flagged off the track in the case of a violation so that modifications can be made to bring their vehicles into compliance. Further, the noise measuring equipment may be connected to a computer or handheld device application that tracks and records the noise level. Pala ED staff will be able to remotely access the noise data to monitor the raceway for compliance and to alert raceway staff if a rider needs to be removed from the track for noncompliance. Local residents who are concerned about noise on any particular day will be able to contact the Pala ED and request that staff check the monitors and report the current noise levels.
4.      Pala ED staff will research the equipment options and make recommendations within 30 days (by April 9). The equipment will be installed and in use within 45 days (by April 26). Full installation and compliance monitoring will be underway within 60 days (by May 9). Noise reductions should be happening before the 60 day target, but the 30-45-60 day plan allows for proper placement of the equipment, testing, and training to make sure maximum noise reduction results are achieved by the end of 60 days.
5.      The Pala Raceway ownership may wish to explore other methods of noise mitigation, such as sound-absorbing fencing, for special events where noise might be expected to exceed the usual limits. The Raceway will inform the community in advance when special events are scheduled so that residents will be aware that there may be atypical noise levels for that event. At this point, extra mitigation measures will not be required but may be considered.

Thanks to all who have facilitated the community reaching this point of agreement and potential resolution with Pala Raceway. 


Snow Bears Art at Rainbow Postal Center

Rainbow Postal Center invites you to stop by  between 9am-6pm to view art by local Vallecitos students.  Show your support of our little budding artists. :-)


Etiquette Summer Camp

June 11-15, July 23-27, August 6-10, 2012 
Mon.-Fri. – 10:30am-12:30am*
* Graduation Luncheon – Friday – 11:00pm-2:00pm )
Registration Fee:  $225.00/student per session week
Choose the week that best fits your schedule for an informative and interactive summer camp for ages 6-12 years old to include social and dining etiquette, role playing activities, daily food for practicum, crafts, theme days, a take-home Study Guide, a Four Course Graduation Luncheon, Certificate of Completion and Group Photo.
Camp sessions are taught by Jonnie Fox Flanagan, Founder and Director of The Magnolia School of Etiquette and graduate of The American School of Protocol. Students will learn Social Graces and Dining Etiquette to include:
* Handshakes and Eye Contact
* Introductions
* Thank You Notes
*Telephone Etiquette & 9-1-1 Calls
*American Flag Etiquette
*Sportsmanship and Friendship Etiquette
*Table Manners
*Place Settings
* Napkin Rules
*American & Continental Style Dining


Please post to community blog.  Having previously been eliminated by Ryan Ouellette because of the excessive noise, the new owners of Pala Raceway have reopened the quad track.
Raceway Report 3-2-12  
The Latest News from Pala Raceway and Motocross FAST
We know that it's been a little while since our last Raceway Report, but that is because we have been working on some amazing new things for Southern California Motocross riders.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused and we assure you that everything at Pala is strong as ever and we are excited about the new improvements to the facility, tracks and the costs involved with riding.

If you haven't been to Pala in the past couple weeks we have completely re-built the Main track bringing back classic features like the huge step up and three tables next to the grandstands.  We have also added a vet favorite Am track that incorporates a ton of great elevation, jumps and turns. 
See the updates below and we look forward to seeing out at the track! 
Pala is now open Mondays!  

By popular demand Pala Raceway is now open Mondays!  Many of our members have Mondays off and we now have the Main, Vet and mini tracks open every Monday from 9:00 am to dusk!

Be sure to visit our facebook page and like us for up to the minute updates on weather and track conditions!
Quad's are back at Pala!
For months now our facebook fan page has been blowing up with requests to allow quad's back at Pala Raceway.  Starting this coming Monday, March 5th Quad's will be allowed on the brand new Am track layout every Monday from 9:00 am to dusk! (weather permitting)

Let your Quad buddies know that this is their chance to have a track in San Diego County.  Come out and show us why we should keep it open.