Dear Friends,

As I have been working with the Family Readiness Offficer for the Combat Logistics Regiment 1 based out of Camp Pendeltion; it has come to my attention that approximately 250 of their Regiment are still deployed and will not be home for Christmas. When they can get to the PX lines are long and items are long and items in short supply or not available at all.

 The PX available to them has limited supplies of the following items: 

-Pens of all types, mostly black ink
-Highlighters/all types
-Writing/letter gear, i.e. envelops- note paper.
-Baby Wipes
-Powers/Body & Foot
-Shaving Cream
-Bar Soap
-Socks, Military Type- Black/Green/Tan
-Female Products- Wash, Tampons, Lotions etc. There are 3 Females- they would appreciate this.
-Multi Vitamins
-Protein Powders
-Beef Jerky
-Sun Flower Seeds
-Gum/Hard Candy
-Powered Flavor Coffee Creamer
-AA Batteries- for their NVGs/flashlights -AAA Batteries- for some of their flashlights
-Alarm Clocks (battery operated)
 -Hand Sanitizer
 -Plastic Ziplock Bags
 -Lip Balm 
-Used Magazines as reading material and/or books.

If you are interested in helping our servicemen and women please call me and I can make arrangements for pickup of what ever items you can collect or donate. You are also welcome to make arrangements to drop off the items at my home. The Regiment Personnel will make arrangements to send the items once we get them collected.

Please keep in mind smaller sizes are easier for us to pack and ship.

I am hoping to be able to send some of the items to them before Christmas but I can also send them after the Holidays as well.

Please accept my thanks in advance for whatever you might feel inclined to donate. I know how much our support means to our troops!

If you have any questions please call me....

760-451-8952 land line
If I don't answer. please leave a brief message and I will get back to you.

Warmest Regards,
Anne Anderson