Pro Lawn Turf

After two failed sod installations that succumbed to gophers, weeds, and sun-fried patches, we finally sprung for the synthetic turf. I LOVE IT! No more watering, weeding, or replacing. 30 year warranty. That works!

From my salesman at ProLawn, Craig Anderson, to the installers (four great hard-working guys that were perfectionist with detail to precision), this was truly a great experience.

Craig Anderson




Hours:9:00am to 6:00pm Mon thu Fri.
Sat 9:am to 2:00. 

  • Packing and shipping
  • Shipping supplies for sale
  • Packing your own? We have all the supplies for sale. 
  • We ship USPS, DHL, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express.
  • One pick-up a day around 2:00pm for USPS
  • Laminating
  • Notary service
  • Black & White and Color Copy services
  • Fax service
  • Mailboxes
  • Internet rental. 
***We'd love to support local artists by displaying your work on consignment!  Stop in and see us.

Deanna and Allen
If you have any questions you can reach us at (760) 731-6245  Fax (760)731-6246



We have an all white ewe (sheep) about a year old.  She is  a very sweet animal. We hate to get rid of her but she is very, very lonely.  She needs to be around other animals.
She would be free to any one who can give her a good home.  We do not want her killed for a bar-b-que!!!!!
John Gilruth



RPOA thanks all who helped make the farewell party for Craig and Sandy Ohlson a success.  The pot luck dishes offered a wide variety for every taste and the tributes to Craig were heartfelt.

Special thanks to Mike McLeod and Southwest Boulder and Stone for making the event area available, even supplying tables and chairs.  The entire McLeod family -- especially Brianna who coordinated the event and Andrew who was on hand to help out -- deserves our gratitude for their generosity.

Those contributing pot luck dishes and beverages included by Art Deming, Jonnie Fox Flanagan, Dale Duhling for the great "home brew", Gary and Sheryl Drake, Maria and Johnny Maneri, Lynn and Don Davis, Jerri Arganda and RPOA vice president Nita Pearce.  If we have forgotten anyone, our apologies for failed memory but do know we appreciate your contribution.

Those offering tributes included David Jones (Superintendent/Principal, Vallecitos School District), Chief Bruce Freid (Rainbow Fire Dept.), Jim Anderson (former RPOA board member and current Rainbow Planning Group member), Dennis Sanford (District 5 Director, RMWD), Art Deming (Secretary, RPOA), Bud Swanson (Rainbow Planning Group), Chris Smith (Smith and Sons), Jonnie Fox Flanagan (former RPOA board member and webmaster for the Rainbow Community Blog) and  Mike McLeod (former RPOA board member and event host).

The Ohlsons head to Texas next week.  Rainbow wishes them a safe trip and every happiness in their new home.



 Shame On Supervisors Benoit, Tavaglione and Ashley

Was there ever a doubt that we won? NO!
The final 3-2 vote to deny the Liberty Quarry project just south of Temecula stands.                                         It cannot be undone. Granite Construction is still the loser.
Now, comes the slimy stuff: First, Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione's flip-flop to the dark side to vote with his colleagues, Supervisors John Benoit and Marion Ashley, to certify the Environmental Impact Report for the project. Then, slick as can be, Granite Construction steps in with a revised, slightly smaller, application for a mine and wants to "fast track" it through the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. As "luck" would have it, they have a certified EIR. Not only has the music died, it is buried deep in a morass of lies and deceit.
Next move on this "B.O.S." chessboard, Benoit makes a motion to amend the existing fast-track ordinance to allow surface mines to be included. Liberty, by the way, is NOT a surface mine. It is a deep open pit mine. Then, what do you know, Tavaglione suggests, "Why not fast-track other projects as well?"
No surprise, the next move was for the "Three Stooges" to vote in favor of the fast-track motion; Supervisors Jeff Stone and Bob Buster were the two dissenters. The final vote is still to come.
This arrogance is disturbing. If these three men are allowed to brazenly change the rules to satisfy Granite, what does that say about their integrity? It is disgusting and simply outrageous.
What's next? Fast-track a dump next to the quarry? A nuclear plant in Anza? Wind turbines along Highway 79? Guys, are you planning to follow CEQA laws?
There are reasons for the current laws and rules, and ordinances are in place. There are reasons for sensitive projects like mines and landfills to be carefully evaluated as to their effects on the surrounding areas and communities. But you all know that. You just don't care . and as such, you should not be representing the people. You just want to make the way easier for the "Granites" of this world.
I quote Gandhi, "There is sufficiency in this world for man's need, but not for man's greed."
Supervisors, what you do speaks louder than what you say.
Shame, shame on all of you.
Jerri Arganda, Rainbow resident


Whatever happened to justic

Whatever happened to justice? It did not make an appearance in Riverside County at the Board of Supervisors meeting on July 31.
A large corporation, Granite Construction, may or may not have made deals with three Riverside County supervisors to win their vote on "fast-tracking" Granite's revised proposal to build Liberty Quarry south of Temecula. But who knows what kind of undue influence and pressure brought three of the five supervisors into Granite's camp.
After certifying Liberty Quarry's seriously flawed environmental impact report and, therefore, leaving the door open for Granite to come back with a quarry project in the same location ---- which it did immediately ---- Supervisor John Benoit then added insult to injury by proposing "fast-tracking" of this highly contentious project through the board. This quarry, with all its negative impacts, if "fast-tracked," will force vehemently opposed residents of Southwest County, who do not want this quarry overlooking Temecula, to accept the unacceptable.
The will of the people was completely overlooked. Justice was not served, only big business and greed. This decision reeks of "possible backroom deals" and undue political influence.
Anyone attending this meeting could not miss the outrageous pandering to Granite. Supervisor Benoit couldn't have been more obvious and transparent about being "Granite's Boy." Doesn't Supervisor Benoit realize that even the appearance of conflict of interest is all, and this very bad and contentious decision could haunt him the rest of his political life?
Why is Supervisor Benoit continuing to say he voted for the quarry because of "jobs," when it was proven over and over through multiple hearings that the greater truth is that it will simply be an exchange of jobs within the industry?
The potential for lost jobs is very high, however, because Temecula's Wine Country tourist destination could suffer due to pollution and fewer visitors. Pollution alone could stop people from moving to the Temecula area and cause housing and property values to plummet. Who wants to face gravel truck gridlock on Interstate 15 every day?
Why is Benoit meddling in Supervisor Jeff Stone's district with this "fast-tracking proposal" anyway? The supervisors are supposed to work together for the good of the entire county. With "fast-tracking," other harmful projects could be blithely passed through the board, without important public input and proper oversight ---- to heck with the consequences!
The lack of regard, and the prejudice toward Southwest County by these Northern Riverside County supervisors is totally obvious. It is my most fervent wish that if they force the quarry down our throats, that perhaps a nuclear facility, a prison, or landfill will be "fast-tracked" into Benoit's district, and his constituents will finally see the need to replace him.
Lady Justice, with her scales, is weeping under her blindfold because she knows there is no justice for the people in Southwest County, with Supervisor Benoit trying to control Riverside County.