As we have not seen any corrective action from the Pala Tribe of Mission Indians or Pala Raceway about the continuing noise problem, it is time to voice our opposition in a different way.  Letting this situation continue without our community taking action will undoubtedly result in no corrective action at all.
Below, please find what we believe will be an easy way for each person to register noise problems as they occur.  It is our hope that this process will bring the proper attention to the consistency of the noise problem.

Whenever you feel the noise from Pala Raceway is a issue, please send an email with a simple statement such as: “The noise from Pala Raceway was very loud in the Rainbow Crest area today."  You may send the email when it occurs, at the end of the day or several times a day if you feel that the noise merits it.
Your emails should be sent to:


Each month, our emails will be summarized and a report WITHOUT NAMES will be distributed back to the community, Feinstein, the county, etc..  As such, please keep your email statements very simple so they may be tallied easier.

We would appreciate your assistance by forwarding this email to anyone who may be impacted by the noise from Pala Raceway but are not on the email listing.

Please Note:  No email responses to questions, comments, etc. will be sent from palaracewaynoise@gmail.com.  


Anonymous said...

Haven't heard any noise, over the freeway noise! And don't they only have people on the track during the day?

Really? We don't have anything else to deal with? Who is complaining?

Return Our said...

On behalf of the folks who ARE affected by the noise from Pala Raceway during the day ... We are glad that you do not have this problem and appreciate your understanding of our using a community posting to get the word out to those who are impacted.

Jonnie said...

You know what I think is sad? That as a community, some seem to be only concerned with themselves and not the impact any one issue has on others. I hope the above commenter never has a community issue that effects him/her, because surely, they will want the support of the community and the understanding of their frustration.