Hello everyone,

About 4 weeks ago, an email was sent out from “Return Our Peace” to communicate a new way to report the ongoing noise from Pala Raceway.  While the noise has been fairly loud over the past few weeks, the communication to Pala and Ryan Ouellette, the raceway owner, has been light. 

We are hoping to bring some action to this situation as it has been a year now with no resolution.  Whenever the noise impacts you, please take a few minutes to email the people responsible (emails below) and copy the community email at palaracewaynoise@gmail.com.  

Please do not copy other individuals in the community as the object is to barrage Pala but not our neighbors.  Each month, our emails will be summarized and a report without names will be distributed back to the community, Feinstein, the county, etc. to raise awareness about this problem.

If you would like to send an email but wish to remain anonymous, please feel free to send your emails to palaracewaynoise@gmail.com with the subject “SEND TO PALA” so that it is not confused with other emails.  We will be happy to remove your email address and send the email along for you.

Thanks very much for your help.

Hope all is well,

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