Dear Rainbow Residents,

The Pala Environmental Department is holding a public meeting to gather information from community members regarding noise being emitted by the Pala Raceway. Our noise consultant will give a short presentation about the noise characterization study and how it will encompass the concerns of the Rainbow community. Information gathered from this meeting will be used to help identify areas of concern in Rainbow. We will focus our study on these areas when taking noise measurements. If you are unable to attend the meeting submit your questions, comments, or concerns to palaraceway@palatribe.com. See below for meeting details.

What: Public Meeting for Pala Raceway Noise Study
When: April 27, 2010
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Pala Administration Building, 12196 Pala Mission Rd, Pala, CA 92059

Pala Environmental Department
(760) 891 - 3510

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Jonnie said...

I'm glad I went to the meeting. I thought it was well-presented and that we had a very nice turnout from the community. More would be better of course. Maybe we can double the number for the next meeting that comes after the study/analysis. Great questions/comments by residents. A little too much "again, we're not required to but..." from the tribe (ok, we get it!)but all in all...I think they know we're serious. Thank you Bud and Lisa for your tenacity in this effort.