I've lived near a gravel quarry before and it made me sick

Previously, I lived across town from a gravel quarry in Moorpark. I experienced ill health that I attribute directly to the quarry. I was getting bronchitis three times a year.
We moved to Temecula in 2008, my health returned to normal, and I was breathing easier every day. When I learned about the [proposed] gravel quarry, I already knew it's not healthy to live near one.
We will be powerless to do anything after the fact if Granite Construction, Inc. is permitted by the county to open the quarry in our back yards.
Every issue that has been argued-such as health and environmental effects, pollution, truck traffic, blasting, water use, home value depreciation-has a true and a false side. The quarry proponents have reasoned all of these issues in their favor and we citizens who oppose the quarry have argued the opposite.
The truth is, the facts are very easy to verify based on the real experience of other communities with quarries. Quarries make undesirable neighbors for many reasons. We want our peace, our quiet, our health and the health of our environment. We will only be able to keep the quarry from locating here if enough citizens who care stand up now to speak out. Please visit www.libertyquarry.com and www.sos-hills.org.
The final vote is coming soon. There are enough of us to save Temecula, Rainbow and Fallbrook if we take action now.

Jan Tucker

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