A San Diego County Heritage Community Since 1880
Keeping Rainbow Rural
Advising the Board of Supervisors ~ San Diego County

Notice of Meeting


Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Rainbow Grange

      If there are any changes an updated version will be posted at the Grange Hall at least 72 hours prior
        to this meeting.


I.      Call to order and Pledge Allegiance – Dennis A. Sanford, Chairman

II.     Call for a Quorum


         III.    Approval of Previous Regular Meeting Minutes
        IV.    Open Forum: Opportunity for the public to speak on items not on the agenda.
                    Each speaker is limited to 5 minutes. Speakers should address community land use    
          V.    County Action Items:
1.       Correspondence
a.       Outstanding 700 Forms
2.       Board of Supervisors Actions
3.       DPLU Actions
a.       Rainbow Crest repairs
VI.    Old Business and Reports
·         I-15 Advisory Committee status report – Crocker
a.       Representative appointment
·        Pala Raceway noise pollution status report- Swanson
a.       Status of Noise
·        High speed rail line status report-  Nicolaisen
a.       Open House Status and dates
·        Post Office in Rainbow status report – Anderson/Sanford
a.       Official Post Office request status
·        Playground and Park cover grant status report- Bonner
a.       Status of grant funds
·        RMWD District 5 report- Sanford
a.       Request for signage at Rice Canyon/Rainbow Heights status report- Bonner
·         Liberty Quarry EIR and Riverside Planning Commision hearings
·        Status report of Request for High Power Line Extension
·        New Appointee to Rainbow Planning Group
·        Status of San Onofri Emergency Response Presentation
  VII.      New Business
·         Reimbursements.
o    Annual Box Rental  $167.00

 VIII.    Call for June 21, 2011 agenda items
    IX.    Adjournment until June 21, 2011                                                                    

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