Proposed Power Plant


I have been alerted of a proposed power plant that may be located on a parcel of land located in the area of Rainbow Valley Blvd and Old 395.  It would be developed by the same firm that built the power plant on Rte 76 near Pala.  The parcel involved is, for the most part, properly zoned for commercial development.  The plant would be a gas fired plant and would be very similar to the Pala power plant.  

The question that will ultimately be facing the group is “should we support or oppose”.

After much discussion with various members of the community and some Planning Group Members, I would say, with mixed thoughts that we should support the development of the proposed power plant if it comes before the group.

The reasons are:

The parcel will definitely be developed at some future point and it would be best to have a positive influence on the type of development.  If the County should approve the power plant over our objections the RCPG would be in an adversarial position and it would be difficult to encourage or influence the design, orientation, etc. 

Given that development in some form will eventually happen, we should, I think, attempt to extract something for the community in exchange for our support…i.e. a new Grange Hall, a multipurpose room for the school, improvements for the Volunteer Fire Dept or some other benefit that can be enjoyed by the Rainbow Community.  We should also attempt to influence the visual design of the plant to create a more visually appealing entry into Rainbow from the Temecula/Old 395 direction. 

Also, construction of the plant could benefit the Rainbow Municipal Water District in that water could be sold to the plant and recycled for irrigation purposes thus potentially reducing water rates.

I have asked Jim Anderson to introduce this item for discussion but it will have to be placed on a future agenda if we are going to take a position for or against.

Give me a call if you have any questions.

Dennis A. Sanford

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