Dear Ryan, and Chairman Smith,

As a newcomer to Rainbow, I have to say that I am surprised that the Pala Tribe, and the Racetrack management, have not done a single thing to try to mitigate the noise pollution coming from the track.

I would think that the Tribe would not be interested in having such a vocal part of the San Diego and Riverside community angered by the actions of your land use partners.  

It’s my understanding that Ryan, you have specifically promised that you would work with the community to effect mitigations.  Promises are legal obligations.   Please tell us, directly, WHAT you are going to do, and WHEN?

Ryan, the community has in good faith kept its promises to you to inform you of the noise problems.   Perhaps your lack of response should put this matter on the shoulders of the Tribe, who do seem to be concerned about their impression as a good neighbor to the Community.  

Chairman Smith, are you going to continue to allow your renter to ignore the problems that his track is creating for the community?  Is the revenue for land use as a raceway that valuable that you are willing to have the deserved reputation of ignoring your neighbors and how you affect them with your businesses?

I think that the residents of Rainbow deserve concrete answers about what you are going to do about this problem, and they have deserved them for many months.  I suggest that we as 3 interested parties convene an Advisory Council, composed of the Tribal government, rainbow residents, and Ryan and his staff, and come up with some workable ways that you can mitigate the way that your activities affect the rest of us.  The residents can have a vote of whom to put on the committee within days.  I would imagine that you could have a Committee up and running in a week.  Since we are getting close to your “busy season” I think that such an effort is timely.

If you continue to ignore this problem, I for one will encourage my neighbors to take a more active role in addressing this problem.

Kindest Regards,

Lisa Wrench


Jonnie said...

Great letter Lisa.

Anonymous said...

I would bet there are more San Diego and Riverside residents who appreciate the fact that there is a local Raceway where our families and friends can safely go to enjoy our SPORT and HOBBY.

I think there is so much more that the residents apposing the track could do to put their energy into such as fight off the illegal immigration issue. As a local resident I am much more in fear of who is lurking and squatting in the fields and hills around our community that are capable of what Mr. John Garner III is capable of. To me that is way more worrysome then any "noise Pollution". Look at the big picture here. Do you know how many you children enjoy the raceway?

I understand your frustration in having to hear the faint sounds of motorcycles during the days but comeon, there has got to be so much more you could concern yoruself with. Spend a day at the track, I bet that would help!

I wont be surprised if this isnt published but I hope it is.

Anonymous said...

Relative to your comments about there being "so much more you could concern yourself with", I think you should look at the many issues in this community with which the residents HAVE CONCERNED themselves, i.e., quarry, wedding ranch, major truck stop at 15/76, crime, and yes...now the raceway.

I think you will find that most residents with much longer landowner history here than you...or me...are fiercely protective of the special, rural, quiet, and removed landscape that Rainbow presents.

I'm sure you are correct, in that there are MANY San Diego and Riverside residents that are enjoying and appreciate the raceway...particularly since it is not in their backyard.

I also know that when people act or say that these things don't bother them...I can almost guarantee they live nowhere near the problem and thus...lack understanding for anyone who does.